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Tired of riding the trails to just the sound of your motor? Then try one of our ATV audio systems! We build all of our sound systems out of nothing but the highest quality products. We have a large variety of options to choose from and if you can't find what you're looking for then we'll find it! We also make custom systems to fit what ever you may need. WE ARE THE EXPERTS IN POWER-SPORT AUDIO AND THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE! Quit riding the trails to just the sound of your engine and get a RAGE sound system today! 

RAGE Customs Audio tubes come with a 1 year limited warranty. This warranty will cover all workmanship and/or defects in the product. Remember, these tubes have sensitive equipment inside and in result care should be taken when riding with them on your ATV/UTV. As with any other audio system, is not recommended to wheelie or jump your ATV/UTV with these audio tubes attached as it can damage the internal amplifiers. Our audio tubes are sealed and water resistant. Tubes with issues caused by neglect or abuse will not be warrantied.
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Why buy from RAGE?
       Here at RAGE Customs, we build our tubes with only the best products and materials. You will not find any short cuts in our work and we'll stand behind it! Our tubes are built from Schedule 40 PVC, not drain pipe like many others to save cost. Because Schedule 40 PVC is so much thicker than drain pipe, it is much more durable and is less likely to crack or break if dropped or rolled on. Another benefit to Schedule 40 PVC is the difference in sound quality. The thicker walls eliminate vibration and cut out the echoing sound so commonly associated with drain pipe. Once the PVC is put together we bed line it! Bed lining is much more durable than paint and is much more resistant to scratching or chipping while out on the trails. At RAGE, we only use Name Brand Products! No cheap chinese amps or junk speakers will be found anywhere near our tubes. We are so dedicated to providing the best product that each of our tubes get 5-10 minutes MINIMUM of setup time that consist of adjusting the amps and sound testing the speakers to ensure maximum sound clarity. We set our prices competitively so you can get the best product possible for your buck. Don't sacrifice quality. Buy from RAGE Customs!
Custom Boxes/UTV Roofs
If you looking for something more than what our audio tubes can provide, we can still help you. We also build custom boxes form fit to your ATV's rack or custom roofs tailored to fit your side by side like a glove! We are the ATV audio specialist. Please give us a call for availability on any custom box or roof.

Side X Side Systems
Most of the people that own a side by side use the bed frequently and do not want to give it up to be able to listen to some tunes and roof systems can sometimes be a little bit outside your budget. RAGE Customs has a solution for that too! We carry tower speakers that mount right to your roll cage! And the best part is that they are affordable! Several models are available so email us or give us a call and let us get you setup with the system you need!

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Do you have an idea for your ATV or UTV? We are the specialist in custom ATV's! Give us a call and let us make your idea become a reality.

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Being the experts in Power-Sport audio means we have to be able to provide the best products money can buy. Wet Sounds is the leader in the Marine industry and is now exploding into the Power-Sport industry. When it comes to sound quality, durability, and customer service, Wet Sounds is the best hands down!​