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Do you have an idea for your ATV or UTV? We are the specialist in custom ATV's! Give us a call and let us make your idea become a reality.

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We carry a wide variety of lighting systems for all your off road needs. From HID's to strobes we have it all. Click here to see our 
Lighing Systems
Here at RAGE Customs we also do ATV/UTV service and maintenance. From oil changes to carb overhauls we will get your utility vehicle fixed up and back on the trail. Let RAGE Customs service your ATV/UTV today!
HD Axles
If your bike has over-sized tires the chances of breaking stock axles dramatically increases. Heavy Duty Axles withstand the beating much better than OEM setups. They also handle the increased angle of the CV joints on bikes with lifts much better than stock components.
Lift Kits
Need more ground clearance? Get a lift kit from RAGE Customs. Bikes are getting bigger and bigger these days. This is making it harder for the smaller bikes to follow in the mud due to the larger holes and ruts. Lift kits will give you more ground clearance and the ability to fit over-sized tires on your bike. Click here to see our ATV Lift Kits.
Power Mods
If you want more horse power out of your ATV/UTV then you might want to look at what RAGE Customs has to offer.  Let RAGE Customs get you the power out of your ATV that you've been looking for.
Rad-Relocate Kits
Do you like to mud alot? Have you noticed your radiator is constantly caked with mud? Then you might look into a Radiator Relocation Kit. When radiators are covered in mud, they lose the ability to cool your bike properly and can cause your bike to over-heat. This kit will put your radiator up on your front rack high and dry out of the mud and prevent this from happening. 
Tired of riding the trails to just the sound of your engine? Check out our ATV audio systems! Our audio tubes are made of true 6" pvc, not the cheap SDR pipe everyone else makes theirs with to save cost. This produces better sound due to the thicker walls of the pvc and it also make them more rigid and durable. They are made with high quality marine grade speakers and powered by a 200watt amp. 

ATV Tires/Wheels
Don't let tires be the limitation of your ATV/UTV capabilities! Let RAGE Customs get you on the tires that are right for you! Whether you like to play in the deepest mud hole or climb every rock in sight, RAGE Customs will make sure your machine is up to the test. You also might look into some custom aluminum wheels! Stock steel rims can bend and rust. Aluminum wheels are stronger and do not corrode. Ask us about our deals on Tire/Wheel Kits today!

When going through wet terrain, there's always the risk of getting stuck. Some welcome it, others can't stand it. Either way a Winch is the best way out. We carry a wide variety of brands and sizes to fit your off-roading needs. 
Nerf Bars for Grizzly 550/700's 
Nerf Bars for Grizzly 550 and 700's now available. Please call or email for availability or click here to order.
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